Theatre Department Goals and Objectives

Theatre Arts Goals

To provide a significant training ground for students in dramatic arts.

To provide multiple opportunities for students to view each other’s dramatic work.

Theatre Arts Daily Objectives

To emphasize actor training, script analysis, and the creative design and use of production elements.

To maintain a system of multiple production opportunities grounded in production and performance.

Student Objectives


  1. Develop skill in oral language and all expressive mechanisms (voice and physicality expression).
  2. Develop understanding in psychological, moral, physical and socio-economic analysis of character (analytic skills).
  3. Learn the elements of stagecraft and production (crafting skills).


  1. Understanding the investigation of literature, history of divergent societies and cultures, and drama as a social force (cognitive base).
  2. Develop an appreciation of an aesthetic and intellectual activity (affective base).
  3. Learn the channels for creative dramatic work through original productions and alternative forms of theatrical expressions such as dance, mime, etc., (creative base).


  1. To realize the simultaneous opportunities for leadership and group participation (collaboration).
  2. Meeting and interacting with students from other schools in the context of a social and intellectual activity (communicating).
  3. Promoting school and community relations through a display of the school’s intellectual and artistic work (creativity).
  4. Develp objective analysis and evaluation of issues in order to form a judgment.(critical thinking)
  5. Develop artistic and recreational outlets for the future.