Technical Theatre I

TECHNICAL THEATRE – THEATRE ARTS SPECIALIZATION (BEGINNING) 53612X0A 1 credit Students explore the various aspects of design and production for theatre. Areas of study may include scenery, lighting, sound, makeup, properties, costumes, and stage management.

TECHNICAL THEATRE – THEATRE ARTS SPECIALIZATION (INTERMEDIATE) 53622X0A 1 credit Recommended prerequisite(s): Technical Theatre – Beginning Students develop technical skills through design and production. Technical support for school productions requires participation in after-school rehearsals and performances.

TECHNICAL THEATRE – THEATRE ARTS SPECIALIZATION (PROFICIENT) 53635X0A 1 credit(HN) Recommended prerequisite(s): Technical Theatre – Intermediate Students who have demonstrated a high skill level in technical theatre can continue to study various areas of technical theatre by focusing on more advanced design and production skills. Students are expected to participate in after-school rehearsals and performances as well as provide technical support for school based events.